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Point of departure: - 1 ha (10’000m2) of rainforest absorbs 10 tons of CO² a year

- You can adopt one square meter (1m2) of rainforest for EURO 3.30

The average lifespan of a person living in the Western world is 75 years
(all adopted land is transferred into a natural reserve „RPPN“ that guarantees Governmental protection for eternity! We calculate an average lifespan for eternity.

Amount of m2 Amount of CO² absorbed in one year Amount of CO² absorbed in 75 years Cost
1m2 1kg 75kg € 3.30
10m2 10kg 750kg € 33
100m2 100kg 7,5t € 330
1000m2 1000kg 75t € 3300

Following these facts one ton of CO² produced, can be absorbed within 75 years for the amount of € 42 which equals 13 m² of Atlantic Rainforest.

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