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The long term goal of the Atlantic Rainforest Institution (ARFI ) is to create a 30 kilometer long ecological corridor, that leads from the banks of Rio Contas all the way to the „Serra do Conduru State Park“, where a study realized by the Botanical Garden of New York identified 456 different tree species in one hectare (100m x 100m) – this is considered a world record in biodiversity!

The original ARFI rainforest base was created in 1993. The land of our institution boarders the banks of Rio Contas to the north and holds natural freshwater springs, centenary trees like cedar and a huge variety of fauna and flora.

Let’s have a closer look at the stretch of land in between the ARFI rainforest base on Rio Contas and the Serra do Conduru State Park 30 kilometers to the Shouth: Still today we find wide areas of primary or secondary Atlantic Rainforest with and without cocoa plantations inside, owned by small, medium and big landowners. Little over twenty years ago the fungus „Vassoura de Bruxa“ was spread over the whole cocoa-cost by the wind and affected most plantations in Southern Bahia. Cocao doesn’t bring the necessary income anymore for local landowners, so former plantations are being sold for logging and farming, this currently supports the deforestation of the area.

By connecting the remaining patches of rainforest to an ECOLOGICAL CORRIDOR we can ensure that the gene pool for plants, animals and microorganisms becomes larger. A larger gene pool means a wider genetic diversity – a healthy bio diversity.

To protect remaining forests is one thing, but to turn this into a sustainable project we have to include the local people that help reforest degraded areas by small and sustainable Guarana cultivations.


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